World of HA Productions

Fosters fresh, creative projects that are honest, heartfelt and/or hilarious. We produce or support films and filmmakers in efforts to build compassion, bring laughter or create conversations for a better world.

Upcoming projects:

The Family

(currently in post)
  • Hallee Adelman, producer
  • Sean King O’Grady, director
  • Joel Plotch, editor
  • Seamus Tierney, DP
  • Cruce Grammatico, sound
  • Tiago Zielske, co-producer coming soon
Upcoming projects:

Our American Family

(currently in post)
  • Sean O’Grady, Director/Producer
  • Hallee Adelman, Producer/Director
  • Joel Plotch, Editor
  • Seamus Tierney, DP
  • Cruce Grammatico, Sound
  • Tiago Zielske, Co-Producer