I’m not editing this piece.
Not even going to reread it.
Make a change.
Fix a spahlling mistake.
Even the ones I make on purpose
to make myself laugh.
Because today, one of my former elementary school students
Tweeted me a compliment.
In fact, he called me amazing.
And I wondered.
Am I? Amazing?
I mean, am I embodying
The amazing qualities
That I would wish
For my former students?
Because I sure wish a lot for them.
In fact, I wish them everything.
But as a writer
I can think and rethink
Perfect and overperfect
Visit and revisit
To the point where I am
Not just emoting
And expressing
I am erasing…
What I shouldn’t erase.
And frankly, sometimes
That makes things turn out to be
Not so amazing.
Not the everything
that I wish
for my former students.
But despite all that
This student still said
He thought I was
As his former teacher…
I can only promise
that I sure am gonna try to be.
But if I try and still get it wrong
I'll smile anyway
Because I know
that my former students
will get it "write"
’Cause there’s no stopping them!
There never was!
And I'm certain they’ll even be able to
Correct my mizztakes.
And live without erasing
Talk about amazing…

Dedicated to MS and my former students who continue to inspire me.

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