My Quiet Ship

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Whenever the yelling in his house starts, Quinn uses his imagination to become Commander of the Quiet Ship. There he pretends to travel far, far away from the yelling sounds. A thoughtful treatment of a difficult topic, this story is

Way Past Mad

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Keya is way past mad. Her little brother Nate messed up everything–even breakfast. She heads to school kicking rocks and sticks. When her best friend Hooper tries to help, Keya shouts, “I don’t even like you.” It’s not true, but

Way Past Worried

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Brock is worried. Way past worried, with his heart thumping and his mind racing. Today is his friend Juan’s superhero party and he’s going all by himself. What if nobody plays with him? What if everyone laughs at him? Brock doesn’t feel

Way Past Sad

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James is sad. Way past sad. His best friend, Sanj, is moving away. James feels all alone, and even hugs from Mom don’t take away all his sad. But it helps to talk about it. Nothing can change the fact

Way Past Jealous

Available in Stores and Online

Yaz is jealous. Way past jealous. Yaz loves to draw, but no one ever notices her pictures. Everyone loves Debby’s drawings, and one even got put up on the classroom wall with a star on it. Now Yaz’s jealousy is

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